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GROW welcomes all organisations in the G21 region to work together to address disadvantage in our region.

Organisations can sign the GROW Compact, assist in data collection and research, community engagement, sharing information, and brokering new opportunities for local social enterprises and jobs.

Why join GROW?

What small changes can you make to your buying or employment processes to create change for the most vulnerable communities in our region? The primary, underlying objective of GROW is to address long-term, entrenched, placed based disadvantage in the G21 Region. It does this by focusing on what all the research identifies as the key and consistent element...

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GROW Action Plans

As part of their commitment, GROW signatories design and implement their individual GROW Action Plan.  This involves agreeing to undertaking key actions that contribute to the GROW objectives, while also aligning to their own business objectives. All GROW signatories agree to ‘Advocate and Collaborate’ which includes the following actions: Attend quarterly GROW action network meetings...

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