Compact Action Planning

Once you have signed the GROW Compact, developing a Compact Action Plan will enable you to identify the ways that your specific business or organisation can integrate the GROW principles. There are many ways – some big, and some small – that make a difference. All GROW Action Plans are developed to respond to individual commercial needs and requirements.

The GROW Action Plan will help you to find new approaches, either within your business or collaboratively with others, to:

  • Buy or sell to support local businesses and suppliers
  • Buy or sell to improve social outcomes
  • Increase employment and training opportunities for targeted job seekers
  • Work together with GROW to identify new opportunities to support everyone in our region.

The Compact Action Plan is provided as online tool, below, and includes a range of options which have been developed with our current GROW Compact signatory partners. We suggest you work through the list, and only select those which are best suited to your own organisation. Please don’t hesitate to contact GROW with any queries, or if you have feedback or suggestions for more options to include on the list (email or phone 5229 4364).

GROW Compact Action Plan