GROW Action Plans

As part of their commitment, GROW signatories design and implement their individual GROW Action Plan. This involves agreeing to undertaking key actions that contribute to the GROW objectives, while also aligning to their own business objectives.

All GROW signatories agree to ‘Advocate and Collaborate’ which includes the following actions:

  • Actively connect and support other GROW signatories.
  • Help to make the GROW network stronger, so all our collective actions can have the most impact.

Next, GROW Signatories choose actions from the following four categories, that best suit their business:

Spend Local – examples include:

  • Review suppliers to identify the potential to shift to local.
  • Buy from local businesses in the G21 Region.

Spend Social – examples include:

  • Incorporate in RFX documents a requirement for suppliers/sub-contractors in your supply chain to employ from GROW communities.
  • Buy from businesses who are social benefit suppliers or employing people from GROW communities.

Be Inclusive – examples include:

  • Identify suitable jobs and pathways within your business for people with barriers to employment (ie job carving, work experience).
  • Provide suitable support for employees who need it.


  • Provide jobs and pathways for people from GROW communities, and report back to GROW.