GROW Action Plans

As part of their commitment, GROW signatories design and implement their individual GROW Action Plan.  This involves agreeing to undertaking key actions that contribute to the GROW objectives, while also aligning to their own business objectives.

All GROW signatories agree to ‘Advocate and Collaborate’ which includes the following actions:

  • Attend quarterly GROW action network meetings to learn from other Signatories
  • Promote GROW within your business to raise awareness and harness support
  • Collaborate with other Signatories to create new opportunities and partnerships

Next, GROW Signatories choose actions from the following four categories, that best suit their business:

Spend Local – examples include:

  • Review your expenditure to understand opportunities for change (and report to GROW)
  • Review the way you make decisions to buy
  • Change one or more of your suppliers to a local business

Spend Social – examples include:

  • Introduce GROW social procurement into contracts and tenders
  • Use suppliers who employ job seekers from the GROW community
  • Buy from social enterprises, Aboriginal business and disability enterprises

Be Inclusive – examples include:

  • Make employment more accessible eg. review how you recruit, flexible onboarding
  • Support employment pathways eg. work experience, site tours and mock interviews
  • Connect with employment services to identify suitable job opportunities
  • Commit to inclusive work practices eg. flexible or reduced hours, job sharing, buddies and mentors