Track and share progress

What is a Shared Measurement Framework?

The success of the GROW initiative will only be known if there is a culture and commitment to measurement across partners and supporters – a shared measurement framework.

We are building a shared measurement framework that seeks to understand the immediate changes the collective actions of  GROW Compact Signatories are making today, as well as the longer term impact towards reducing unemployment and place-based disadvantage within the region.

The GROW initiative is committed to share and publicly report progress through the Regional Dashboard, annual GROW Report Card events, GROW website – publishing the Voices of GROW, the growing list of Compact Signatory organisations and many of their Compact Action Plans. The GROW website also includes case studies of good practice and examples of GROW projects.

GROW Compact Signatories participate in an annual data collection (using this template), which is then collated to track overall collective progress. GROW signatories have the opportunity to provide detailed data and gain access to their own individual and confidential dashboards, to track their own progress against their GROW compact action plans. These dashboards are based on an organisation’s employment, expenditure/procurement data.

GROW Regional Dashboard

Results of the GROW initiative are collated into a Regional Dashboard capturing the collective action of GROW signatories – tracking wins and losses, reporting on where change is happening – so that we can review our progress, share learnings and adapt approaches as needed.

The GROW Regional Dashboard tracks key measures and achievements from Compact Signatories:

  • Shifts in local procurement
  • Creating employment opportunities for long term job seekers from GROW target communities
  • Commitments to policy and procedural developments and organizational behavior changes.

2019 GROW Regional Dashboard

2018 GROW Regional Dashboard

2017 GROW Regional Dashboard

GROW Report Card

The GROW initiative annually presents to the region – the key findings and outcomes from the collective work of Compact Signatories in our region, as well as celebrating critical learnings and achievements. The Report Card events are an opportunity to publicly report on key measures, as well as provide opportunity for Compact Signatories to come together and share their stories, highlighting key achievements, challenges and learnings.

2019 GROW Report Card

2018 GROW Report Card  (Highlights of the 2018 Report Card Event are here.)

2017 GROW Report Card

Voices of GROW

These short films and case studies help tell the story of GROW, the experience of job seekers and partners, and the work of Compact Signatories, both in creating employment opportunities and using the power of procurement to drive change in our region.

The Voices of GROW videos and case studies can be found here.