Tools & Support


GROW will be working to continuously add and improve these tools, resources and support. We welcome all new ideas and feedback.

Social Procurement Toolkit

The Toolkit is a series of innovative tools, best practice examples and documents to support social procurement and local economic development in the G21 Region. The first of its kind in Australia, these tools have been crafted by ArcBlue working closely with the GROW Compact Action Network, and in response to the identified needs of...

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GROW Strategic Plan Reports G21 GROW Regional Procurement Economic Modelling Report Part A 2016 G21 GROW Regional Procurement Economic Modelling Report Part B 2016 Specialist reports developed as part of the Strategic Plan: GROW Social Procurement 2015 GROW Impact Investment 2015 GROW Demand Led Brokerage 2015 GROW Theory of Change 2015 Addressing Disadvantage in the G21 Region 2013 (Dr Ingrid Burkett’s initial research)

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What is the background of GROW? Addressing Disadvantage has been a G21 priority project since 2011. The G21 Board was concerned that despite opportunities presented by population and industry growth, access to social and economic benefits are not evenly distributed. The Addressing Disadvantage Taskforce was commissioned by the G21 Board in March 2011 to examine...

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