How do we GROW?

GROW aims to change the way we buy and employ locally, to support local businesses and help create equitable and sustainable jobs.

There are four ways we can do this:

  • Spend Local (buy from local businesses to help the local economy and create jobs)
  • Spend Social (buy from businesses who employ from GROW communities, social enterprises and Indigenous businesses)
  • Be Inclusive (create safe and supportive workplaces, offer pathways and employment opportunities)
  • Advocate and Collaborate (join with the GROW Network for region wide change)

Spend Local

If you buy from local businesses, you help the local economy and create new jobs. One dollar spent locally is multiplied up to three or four times as it circulates around the region, driving local benefits for all. All you need to do is check if there are local options when you have to buy,...

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Spend Social

As well as choosing to buy local, you can add even more bang for your buck if you buy from businesses who employ people from GROW communities. Your support enables these businesses to give jobs to local people who are doing it tough. For your next purchase or project, check to see if there is...

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Be Inclusive

Big changes happen when we have safe and supportive workplaces. Being inclusive is the best foundation for employing people with barriers to employment from GROW communities. This means a workplace where staff feel they belong, and are supported with good work practices such as clear inductions, flexible hours, buddies or mentors. If you can offer...

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Advocate and Collaborate

We cannot make these changes alone. GROW involves signatories collaborating and working together, from major projects to small initiatives. It also means each signatory taking individual actions towards our shared goals. And collectively, we want our voice to be heard – advocating for values-based  strategies and developments in our region. We come together as a...

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Track and share progress

GROW believes in accountability. Every GROW signatory has a plan and reports annually on their actions. We collect Good News Stories to share achievements on the website and social media. We report to the Region every year, updating on the total number of jobs created for GROW communities and the shift in local spend. To...

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