What is GROW?

G21 Region Opportunities for Work

GROW G21 is made up of  businesses, government and community organisations working together to change the outlook for areas of high unemployment in the G21 region, including Norlane, Corio, Whittington/Moolap and parts of Colac.

The joint efforts of the GROW G21 Network will enable us to grow a stronger G21 economy, and create more jobs. We need some of these jobs to be suitable for job seekers who are missing out on opportunities because of lack of support, networks, training, transport and experience.

A job is life changing, and everyone deserves a chance.

A joint initiative between Give Where You Live and G21 – Geelong Region Alliance, GROW G21 has received a $2 million contribution from the Give Where You Live Foundation, matching funds from the Victorian State Government and $300,000 from the Alcoa Foundation.


How do we GROW?

GROW aims to change the way we buy and employ locally, to support local businesses and help create equitable and sustainable jobs. There are four ways we can do this: Spend Local (buy from local businesses to help the local economy and create jobs) Spend Social (buy from businesses who employ from GROW communities, social...

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Inequality is not inevitable The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all, but evidence shows it is aggravating existing vulnerabilities in our community. The impact is being felt locally, in places such as Corio/Norlane which – even previous to the pandemic –  reported an unemployment rate of 21.7%, with some small pockets ranging up to 23%,...

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The Grow Story

A local response to local need 2014: GROW developed from a G21 Addressing Disadvantage Taskforce report in 2014, coinciding with Give Where You Live Foundation’s vision to address disadvantage. This led to a Report which identified that innovative, collaborative and evidence-based approaches are needed to tackle entrenched regional social and economic disadvantage. GWYLF and G21 – Geelong Region Alliance signed a Memorandum...

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GROW is a joint initiative of Give Where You Live Foundation and G21 – Geelong Region Alliance. Give Where You Live Inc is the legal entity of GROW and employs the GROW Team.  The GROW Team maintains the overall strategic coherence, coordinates and manages the day-to-day operations and implementation of strategy.

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Who is involved

GROW Compact Signatories By signing the GROW Compact, each of these organisations has committed to integrate the GROW philosophy; that a prosperous community cares for the well-being of all its members; into their own company’s values and daily operations. This will help stimulate inclusive job growth and increase local investment to maximise economic and social...

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